An estimated 120,000 people filled St Peter’s Square in Rome for the canonisation mass for Mother Teresa.


However, the crowds were not as large as the 300,000 who turned out for the new saint’s beatification in 2003. Observers say security fears may have played their part.


3,000 police and security officials patrolled the area around the Vatican. Airspace above was closed.


Applause erupted in St Peter’s Square even before the pontif finished pronouncing the rite of canonisation, proof of the admiration Mother Teresa enjoyed from Christians and non-Christians alike during her life and after her death in 1997.


Pope Francis has shared a pizza lunch with 1,500 homeless people at the Vatican after Mother Teresa’s canonisation ceremony.


Most of those invited live in shelters run by the new saint’s order, the Sisters of Charity.


They were brought to the Vatican by bus from across Italy, to be present for Sunday’s canonisation mass, where they were given seats of honour.


Photo: Twitter

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