German police could be given the power to search the smartphones and social media accounts of refugees who arrive in the country without documents.  The pilot project will run under the package of new measures to help fight terrorism. This procedure is supposed to give more information to authorities about those who enter the country. The Interior Minister of Germany presented a draft declaration in Berlin. The document, which consists of 16 pages, includes a number of new measures aimed at ensuring security in the Federal Republic of Germany.



Many refugees do not have any identification on them, no passports but almost every one of them has a smartphone. To make safety checks, we will ask refugees to show us their Facebook contacts from the last few months, which are public in principle anyway. We do not think that we are asking too much it is solely for the safety of Germany.


The authorities in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands exercise such examinations of mobile phones to help establish a refugee’s identity if they have no formal documents on them.



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