A new online campaign is putting pressure on fast food giant McDonald's to impose a global ban on products from animals treated with antibiotics, BBC reports.


Scientists warn that treating livestock with antibiotics will lead to a rise in drug-resistant superbugs.


The charity ShareAction has called on consumers to email McDonald's chief executive Steve Easterbrook.


Last week, the fast food chain stopped using poultry treated with antibiotics - but only in its US restaurants.


ShareAction has called on McDonald's - the world's biggest fast food chain - to stop using chicken, beef, pork and dairy products that have been given antibiotics in all of its 30,000 stores globally.


Medical experts warn that the routine use of antibiotics to promote growth and prevent - rather than treat - illness in farm animals contributes to the rise of drug-resistant "superbug" infections. They are said to kill at least 23,000 Americans a year and represent a significant threat to global public health.


Photo: BBC

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