The death toll has risen to 27 people in a frontal collision of trains in Southern Italy. More than 50 passengers were injured and are placed in hospital. It bears remind that the accident occurred on July 12 near Bari town. Search operations are still going on; rescuers cut the twisted metal and tried to find survivors in and between the trains. Several people are still considered as missing. The basic version of train collision is considered the human factor. It is known that there is no automated system in this area of railways. The stationmaster informed each other about the train arrival by phone.


Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi called for a thorough investigation and punish those responsible.




I condole with the bereaved families and demand without any discounts would call the names of those responsible for this accident. It’s necessary to clarify what actually happened. Because this is tragedy that should not have any doubts. And we will not stop until they clarify the situation. 


Photo: BBC

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