Heat waves claimed the lives of 6 citizens in Japan. Over the past week about three thousand people were hospitalized with suspected heat strokes. In most parts of the country the temperature inched up to almost 40 degrees. Doctors urged people to reduce time being under the Sun.


Italy arrests 38 suspected migrant smugglers who 'sold organs'

Migrants who cannot pay are being sold for organs, one smuggler tells. One of the arrested smugglers confessed in Italy. Italian police have detained 38 people. All of them are participants of a large network. According to investigators, the migrants were transferred to the Egyptians, who were involved in removing and selling organs. The criminals always had a set of tools for the removal of organs and bags to transport them.


Nasa's Juno spacecraft enters Jupiter's orbit

According to NASA, Juno probe entered the Jupiter orbit. Over next 18 months the spacecraft will explore the atmosphere of the largest planet and investigate its gravitational and magnetic fields. Moreover, a probe will test the hypothesis of presence of a solid core of Jupiter. NASA plans to complete the mission at the beginning of 2018.

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