Trump wins in Mississippi and Michigan

Trump wins in Mississippi and Michigan

Donald Trump has won two more states, Michigan and Mississippi, in his bid for the White House, BBC reports.


Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton won her party's primary in Mississippi, but her battle with Bernie Sanders in Michigan is too close to call.


The Republicans are also voting in Idaho and Hawaii.


The four state contests on Tuesday help choose the candidates from each party who will compete in November's presidential election.


"One of the things I am most happy about is the turnout has been just massive… I think it's the single biggest story in politics today," Mr Trump said at a press conference in Florida.


He also said he would be more presidential than anybody except Abraham Lincoln and berated a reporter for asking how to explain his vulgar language to children.


He also said "no one is more conservative" than him, he said.


Hillary Clinton, addressing voters in Ohio, talked about holding businesses accountable for exploiting workers and hoarding profits, and said the election should not be about petty insults.


"Running for president shouldn't be about delivering insults," sais Mrs Clinton. "It should be about delivering results."