The festival of culture and national games is underway in Turkey. The event is held in Istanbul the second time and has gathered together the representatives of ethnic communities, athletes and cultural figures from seven regions of the country. They are competing in eleven sports: kokpar, wrestling, zhamby atu, archery, asik atu. Local residents are particularly attracted by equestrian competitions and traditional wrestling. 300 sportsmen are taking part in the competition.



 - I came to the festival, to attend the equestrian event. But the struggle is very fierce and interesting. We are now seeing the competition. I thank the organizers. It is necessary to hold such games more often, so as not to forget one's culture. I am especially pleased that there are many young people who absorb national traditions.


Every participant has one goal - to come first. The winner will receive valuable prizes and popular recognition. The qualifying rounds have been completed and the strongest athletes have been identified. Leaders of the tournament are the students of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet school, which was established in 1453 in Istanbul.



 - Archery is our national sport and military art. During the Ottoman Empire archery was at the peak of popularity. Thanks to state support, this art, forgotten for many years, is gaining popularity again.


The program of the festival features not only sports, but also cultural events. The organizers have built 28 yurts, where ethno-cultural communities are showcasing household goods. The Kazakh diaspora has presented headwear for men and women, leather products and jewelry with precious stones.



 - Our Diaspora represents our traditions, art. Then our guys danced Kara Jorga, and showed guests how to play the dombra.


For four days in a row, ethno-cultural communities demonstrated the traditions and culture of their people. Kazakh and Kyrgyz diasporas have showed the wedding traditions and performed folk songs.

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