“Invest in experiences, but not things” is the motto of two Kazakh travelers. They are shooting a documentary about Kazakh people living in the United Kingdom as they tour the country on bicycles.

Kuat Bolatov is an avid traveler. Last year, he visited seven countries in Europe. This time, Kuat and his friend decided to travel to secluded corners of the United Kingdom, which, perhaps, Kazakhs have never seen before. The trip is also aimed at strengthening cultural ties between Kazakh and British people.



 - I will be friendly, open minded and cheerful with the British as a true representative of my country. I will try to show them the beauty of Kazakhstan's nature, the kindness of our people through my words and pictures on my phone.


While travelling, Kuat met lots of interesting and supportive people. Their stories and experiences will be interesting for the Kazakhstanis. Therefore, this time he decided to bring Zobar, a videographer, in order to capture all the important moments.



 - I always take videos and lots of pictures. I share these with people. I bring them from my trips. 


British writer Nick Fielding presented his book and wished good luck to the Kazakh travelers. He is famous for his book about the first European explorers of Central Asia Thomas and Lucy Atkinson. They traveled to Kazakhstan in the 19th century. Students who study as part of the Bolashak program also came to meet the travelers. They also shared their impressions about the UK and told about their lives here. A special film featuring the bike tour will be presented upon the travelers’ arrival back in in Kazakhstan.

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