The logo of the upcoming Winter Universiade - Sunkar, in the coming days will go on sale as a souvenir. Cartoon image of the steppe falcon or rather a nestling, will be depicted in the form of soft toys. Badges, pens, pencils, crockery, T-shirts and baseball caps will also have the Sunkar logo. This is not the first version of the logo. Back in 2013, the young designers offered their vision of the Sunkar. But it looked like an adult bird, and was too static. Last summer, it was decided to make the Sunkar look like a real steppe falcon. The Second image presented dynamism that reflects the spirit of the upcoming games.


 Its color, the shape, the head, beak, eye have been changed. National elements of Kazakhstan have been added. We added ornaments to the wings, national fur hat and an ornament on the scarf. As a result, we have now the final version.

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