Kazakhstan national team on the mixed martial arts won five gold and two silver medals at the Third Asian MMA Championship in Khujand. All eight Kazakh athletes who reached the finals met with the strongest fighters from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, China and South Korea. Almost all the bouts were completed early in the first round. Kazakhstanis showed their best techniques.




The boys performed really well, there were very decent fights. Some fought very hard, so I think we have met the expectations of our fans. Now we will prepare for the World Cup in November. It will require more efforts of course, there is much more competition in the World Cup. I would wish to beat our score. We have been the second after Russia for three years. It is very hard to beat their team. But nothing is impossible, we are committed to victory!


International professional tournament "Battle of the Nomads' was also held as part of the Asian Championships. At the same ring warriors battled Kazakhstan and South Korea. The athletes of our country were the best in all three matches. They are a master of sports of international class in pankration and MMA Sergey Morozov, Shavkat Rakhmonov who had been never defeated in his career and a newcomer among professionals Abylaikhan Kadirzhan.


Photo: www.altyn-orda.kz

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