Kazakh athletes settle into olympic village in Rio - Kazakh TV

Two days are left until the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The majority of 104 Kazakh athletes has settled and are preparing in the Olympic Village, which is located in the West of the Brazilian Rio within a mile from the Olympic Park, where the majority of the competition will be held. There are 31 building on the territory of the Village, which are home to more than 10 thousand athletes from around the world. Our delegation took four floors in one of the multistory buildings. Also, athletes from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia, the teams of Greece, Portugal and China live there. The flag of Kazakhstan, hung out on the balcony of our delegation, is one of the biggest in the whole village. On August 28, Kazakh boxers arrived here. They are among the first to start competition.




Some houses were flooded and sewage cluttered, and we don’t have such a problem. The meal service is good. We took with ourselves our traditional meal- kumis, kazy and kurt.


Photo: www.inform.kz

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