Just a few days left before the opening of the 31st Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. What uniforms will the Kazakh team have? This factory sewed uniforms for the national team for the Asian Games, the Olympic Games in China and Sochi. Specialists worked for over a year creating the Olympic uniforms for the Rio de Janeiro.



A special commission worked on the project for Rio. Professional athletes, Olympic champions and independent designers were invited to the Commission. We have developed about 15 collections and offer them on a competitive base. We, as patriots of our country, are so happy to use just our history and national motives.


Designers have taken into account the characteristics of the national culture and the special features of the South American climate. Every element has an insertion, which helps to ventilate and balance the temperature. Each uniform set is comprised of 14 items including the cap and socks. On August 5, at the opening ceremony, the Kazakh national team will walk the Marcal stadium in their ceremonial costumes. 

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