Transformation of traditional libraries to digital - Kazakh TV

Electronic books are available in Kazakhstan. Nearly 6,000 publications were uploaded digitally in Zhambyl region. A total of 243,000 copies are placed in the Shokan Ualikhanov regional research library. Some 10,000 rare editions of the books were copied in electronic format by the library staff. Works published by local writers are given attention. The librarians sign agreements with the local authors on the digital transformation of their works. Eight scanners are used to copy the books. The scanning of one book, which has 300 pages, takes two and a half hours. Although the work is time-consuming, it is necessary since the e-books are easier to be accessed and read. There are a total of 288 libraries in Zhambyl region.


-We take into account the requests made by people to make electronic copies of their favourite books. We are calling for sponsors for the technical equipment and with the help of the media, we are analyzing the relevance of libraries to modern society. 

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