15th Eurasian Media Forum - Kazakh TV

800 participants from 70 countries have gathered for the 15th Eurasian Media Forum in Almaty. The list of participants includes well-known politicians and representatives of international organizations, influential research centers and mass media. The main speeches and discussions are scheduled for the second day of the media forum. The welcoming speeches of chairperson of the organizing committee of the forum, Dariga Nazarbayeva and Kazakh Minister of Information and Communications, Dauren Abayev will kick-start the day. On the first day of the Eurasian Media Forum, master classes for journalists and students will be organized. Well-known local and foreign media experts will speak about current topics in the media industry.


 - The responsibilities on journalists are even greater than they’ve always been. They are greater because there is more opportunity for getting news wrong either deliberately or by accident and then it’s disseminated around the world very fast instantaneously before it can be checked and possibly changed. That’s why there’s a huge responsibility on journalists of all ages but particularly the young ones.

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