Kazakh enterprises are entering the American market

Kazakh enterprises are entering the American market through the United States trade preference program. Under the program, a number of exported products from Kazakhstan are subjected to reduced rates of customs duties. Foreign delegation introduced the opportunities of participation in the U.S. Trade Mission’s program to local businessmen. 25 countries were introduced to the program in the first stage. The countries can well up to 3,500 products by using a simplified system. Today Kazakhstan mainly exports metals and alloys but there is an opportunity to export agricultural products and consumer goods to the U.S. market. About 2,000 domestic commodity producers export their products abroad.


- Ferrochrome, ferrosilicon, titanium make the lion’s share of the export. Kazakhstan’s final products are exported in small quantities. We want to increase the share of exports of other products to the American market under these programs. This is a very attractive offer for our Kazakh companies.