Kazakhstan and Canada are strengthening mutually beneficial cooperation. Ottawa hosted the third meeting of the Kazakhstan-Canada Business Council. Government officials, diplomats and businessmen of the two countries participated in the event. Experts discussed the ways of joint-cooperation in areas such as nuclear energy development, hydrogeology, agriculture, transport, airspace industry, mining as well as oil and gas sectors. The attendees also highlighted the positive changes in trade between Kazakhstan and Canada and the growth of the Canadian investments in Kazakhstan. Canada is one of the top 15 countries with highest volume of investments in the Kazakh economy. As a result of the event, the parties signed a cooperation memorandum in the space industry between the Canadian Space Agency and the Kazakh Ministry of Defense and Airspace Industry. The meeting participants expressed eagerness to continue strengthening business ties between the countries and expanding bilateral cooperation. The Business Council became an important dialogue platform for the discussion of the current aspects of further development of the mutually beneficial cooperation, investments attraction and implementation of joint projects in various fields of economy.        

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