A documentary about the One Belt, One Road initiative will be filmed - Kazakh TV

A documentary about Eurasia’s increasing role in the world and the One Belt, One Road initiative will be filmed. Italian journalist Pio d'Emilia, who has worked in Asia for more than 35 years, decided to try an interesting experiment which is to travel with the China Railway Express starting from China to Europe, along the New Silk Road. The journalist is currently conducting a study on the countries along the railway pass and analyzes changes that resulted in the interaction of China's One Belt, One Road Initiative and the national programs of the states. Pio d'Emilia is finding out what residents of transit countries think about the global project. According to the Italian journalist, Kazakhstan has a great transport and logistics potential and it is gradually becoming an international transit hub that unites Asia and Europe.


– To me it is important to smell the atmosphere, the attitude not only of official government, because we know the official positions, but of the people. What they feel about this coming back of China. You are in the middle of China and Europe, this is a very important role, from the people I’ve interviewed until now, I feel that you are very aware of this. You tend to be open and take the best advantage of the situation.

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