Two highways of strategic importance are under construction in Mangystau region. The construction is expected to be finished next year. The highways will connect the region with other Central Asian countries. As part of the ‘Nurly Zhol’ program, th government is reconstructing the Beineu road that leads to the border with Uzbekistan and one of the sections of the road leading to Turkmenistan. On this section there will be a four-lane road. It will be built between Zhetybai village and Zhanaozen. The builders use locally produced construction materials such as bitumen, rubble and sand. Specialists said the construction of the highways will have a multiplier effect on the whole Central Asia region, which includes traffic increase in the ports of Aktau and Kurik.


 - At the moment all of the works are on schedule. All technical requirements are met. We have laid asphalt on 31 kilometers of covering. 555 units of special equipment are used in this project. We are planning to complete the construction of the highway in November next year.

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