Kyrgyz scientists support Kazakhstan’s initiative on transition to the Latin script. In an exclusive interview with Kazakh TV, academician Tashbolat Sadykov highlights the importance of this decision. The new script will contribute to the successful integration into the world community. The scientist says that this process will also facilitate mutual understanding between the Turkic speaking people. Today, researchers of the two countries are working on joint projects as part of cooperation based on the International Turkic Academy.


 - Our Kazakh fellows are switching to the Latin script. This beginning is a very important historical decision of the state. We, scientists of Kyrgyzstan, fully support this initiative. Five and six years ago, the heads of four states signed an agreement on assigning the international status of the Turkic Academy.

As part of this cooperation, I want to highlight that we have been developing a lot of interesting projects related to culture and humanities. The scientists of the two countries have been cooperating closely for many years. There is a good practice in student exchange. For several years students from the Shymkent city and universities of other regions have been studying at the Bishkek Humanities University.

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