In May, Astana will host another round of talks on the Syrian crisis settlement. The guarantor countries have agreed on holding the meeting. Hungarian expert on Central Asia, Pal Gyene notes that the Astana Process plays an important role in the settlement of the Syrian conflict. According to the expert, Kazakhstan repeatedly served as a mediator in international conflicts, and Kazakhstan’s mediating efforts have had positive impact. These steps strengthened confidence in Kazakhstan on the international arena and it is the achievement of Kazakhstan’s diplomacy, the analyst notes. Today, Iran, Turkey, Russia and Western countries see Kazakhstan as a key mediator in the region.  


 - Astana Process on Syria is another example of the international trust in Kazakhstan. It has strengthened Kazakhstan’s international prestige, because such powerful countries as Russia, Turkey and Iran that are involved in the process recognize Kazakhstan’s mediation. Time has shown that the Astana Process has proved to be effective and helped stabilize the situation in Syria.

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