One more mountain-skiing resort on the mountain massif Myrza Shoky will open in Pavlodar region - Kazakh TV

Kazakhstani mountain-skiing resorts became popular all over the world. Fans of high-speed descents from different countries are attracted by steep slopes, developed infrastructure and affordable prices. One more mountain-skiing resort on the mountain massif Myrza Shoky will open in Pavlodar region. The resort is located 800 meters above sea level. The pristine beauty of nature and the interest of the authorities and the locals in the development of the tourism industry of the region are excellent conditions for attracting travelers.


 - About 20 years ago we did not even dream of building such large complexes as a ski resort. The government pays much attention to tourism infrastructure. Having such beauty as Bayanaul, we need to develop our tourism, so that not only locals, but the whole world could enjoy it.

300 million tenge was allocated for the construction of the cable car as part of the public-private partnership. The cable car with eight supports will be more than one kilometer long and will be able to transport up to 500 people per day.


 - I dream of becoming a skier, snowboarder. I want the resort to open sooner so that many people and children could ski.

Along with the cable car and ski runs, it is planned to build campsites with all amenities in order to attract more tourists. The resort will operate year-round. Lakes Sabyndyokol, Zhasybai and Toraigyrkol will become centers of attraction in the summer. Three billion tenge was allocated for the development of tourism industry in Bayanaul region last year. 200,000 tourists are expected to visit the region next year.

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