Kazakhstan is planning to change the system of state control and supervision over business. Mazhilis, the lower house of the Kazakh Parliament, proposed amendments to business laws and regulations. The new amendments will replace selective revisions by a new preventive control system. The new system is designed to prevent violations of law without the initiation of administrative proceedings. Preventive control will be performed on the basis of risk assessment, their registration in the prosecutor's office, as well as notification of business entities.  


 - From now on, the inspectors are applying preventive control system. Business entities will not be subject to administrative punishment but will have to comply with instructions given following the results of such control. Inspectors will raise questions to be addressed. In case of serious violations, the inspector reserves the right to conduct an unplanned checkup to see whether the violation has been eliminated, and if not, then the penalty will follow.

The bill introduces about a thousand amendments to 13 codes and 100 laws. As noted by the developers, the document is also aimed at improving Kazakhstan's position in the World Bank's Doing business rating. It is proposed to reduce fees and fines and payments to obtain legal ownership of a land plot for entrepreneurs. 

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