Moscow summed up the results of the Astana Process on Syria settlement. According to experts, eight rounds of Astana talks helped to achieve significant results, in particular, to bring the armed opposition and the Syrian government forces to a negotiation table, create four de-escalation zones, significantly reduce the level of violence in Syria, facilitate humanitarian aid and reach agreements on the exchange of prisoners. According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the created ceasefire is still holding despite the attempts to break it.


 - The work is continuing. The agreements achieved as part of the Astana process will be implemented, including humanitarian aid, exchange of hostages and a number of other measures that are helping to strengthen peace in the world, measures that are facilitating the national reconciliation process at the local level as part of the de-escalation zones agreement. Another important thing is that the Astana Process stimulated activity of the United Nations.

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