Kazakhstan has gained a reputation of a peacemaker on the international arena. The success of the Astana process is the proof. According to foreign experts, Kazakhstan provided a negotiation platform for all parties that let achieve concrete results on de-escalation of the conflict. Analysts say that the Astana talks on the Syrian settlement are very important.


 - Today the leadership of Kazakhstan and President Nazarbayev is much more acknowledged and we see this with a lot of support because Europeans and I think everyone doesn’t want quarrels and difficulties in Central Asia but the more unity you have 2806


 - This process is improving the situation in Syria; it is more effective than the Geneva talks. This certainly shows Kazakhstan’s influence on international affairs because even those who fight with each other trust Kazakhstan as a mediator.

The UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Syria positively assessed the negotiations held in Astana. Staffan de Mistura welcomed the latest agreements between the Syrian government and the opposition on exchange of prisoners and mine clearance. Participants of the Astana talks have also discussed the initiative to hold a "Congress of National Dialogue" in Sochi. The next round of talks in the Kazakh capital is scheduled for the second half of February.

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