Aktobe plant is increasing production volume of autoclaved aerated concrete. The enterprise joined the list of 30 best exporters of Kazakhstan. The autoclaved aerated concrete which has been manufactured since 2008 based on the German equipment is in demand both in Kazakhstan and abroad. The products are delivered to western and southern regions of the country. Today the wagon trains also head to eastern Kazakhstan, Oskemen. The exact geometry and high quality of the construction material are primary advantages of the domestic manufacturer. The builders in Russia’s Orenburg region have also appreciated the quality of the autoclaved aerated concrete, too. Despite a high competition, the Kazakh enterprise has been established in the Russian market.


-We opened a permanent representative office in Orenburg in 2013 and since then we have been constantly increasing the volumes of export. Now, we ship around 15% of the total production to Orenburg. We try to get a decent slice of the pie while we are succeeding. I think that further it will be even better because the quality of our autoclaved aerated concrete is always at the highest level, especially regarding  the geometry.

There are eight different sizes of the autoclaved aerated concrete for the construction. In addition, the company produces aerated gravel for floor and roof insulation. The plant's capacity is 210,000 cubic meters of the autoclaved aerated concrete a year. The volumes for export are increasing annually. In the future the company plans to expand the geography of deliveries. According to the company, particular developments already exist in this direction.

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