Kazakhstan’s unique experience - Kazakh TV

The BN-350, world's first fast neutron reactor in Aktau, is being decommissioned. Valery Varankin, senior staff at KazAtomProm, conducted a lecture about the process for the Eurasian National University students and scientists. According to Valery Varankin, this reactor was launched 45 years ago, and this event was unprecedented: Kazakhstan became the first country in the world where such a facility was set up. The BN-350 operated in three directions: electricity generation, heating for energy and water desalination. Today, the countries with similar facilities, including Russia, are interested in Kazakhstan’s experience, as the first country to decommission a fast neutron reactor.


- There is no experience of decommissioning large-capacity reactors of fast neutrons. This is the experience we are gaining. Such a reactor worked since it was useful both for the population of Aktau and scientific staff, because many scientific works were conducted.

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