Astana is the intersection of the eastern and western cultures and architecture, a unique Eurasian phenomenon. Experts all over the world are talking about the future of the capital. In their opinion, Astana has become the world’s dialogue platform that participates in the formation of the international agenda, and acts on peacemaking initiatives. Russian experts are offering to adopt the successful experience of Kazakhstan’s capital. They are actively discussing the transfer of the capital from Moscow to another part of the country, like the Far East. At present, the Asia-Pacific region is a powerful geo-economic center that needs to be utilized, experts say.


- Moscow holds up to 90% of all major operating finance. We see that there is hyper centralization, the hyper concentration of all resources in Moscow. Astana is a brilliant decision of Nursultan Nazarbayev. The same should be done here.

According to experts, moving the capital city is a widespread practice of states that were aimed at reaching a new development stage. Along with the reforms, it was an important economic and political step to tackle the new challenges.

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