Archaeologists of Eastern Kazakhstan will publish a collection of sensational findings. The printed edition will provide a detailed description of the latest excavations of the Saka burial grounds and the boldest assumptions of researchers. For example, one of the assumptions is the first results of reconstruction of the image of the so-called “a steppe Amazon” of the Berel mound. Scientists don’t exclude her noble heritage.

Archaeologists are close to the mysteries of the fifth Berel mound by clearing every millimeter of soil with a brush. A wooden tomb and a placer of gold ornaments confirm the presence of the pantheons of the Saka kings. These are miraculously preserved unique artifacts.


- There was a lot of gold, despite the fact that they were plundered. The burial mounds of the Saka-Scythian time can be called the burial place of the golden people.

There are more than 50 unexplored burial grounds in the tract of Berel. It will take many years to study them. Leading researchers of Russia, Germany, and France will be involved in the reconstruction of all found exhibits.


- We will build a dome over the burial; the design will be discussed later. Then it will turn into a museum, we will put back all the artifacts.

The valley of the Saka kings can enter the top tourist destinations as a unique archaeological complex. An open sky museum will be built on the bottom of a mountain as part of Modernization of Public Consciousness program; a highway will stretch along the slopes. 

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