The government identified priority countries for attracting investments. Substantive work on attracting funds will be conducted with the 11 donor countries. Germany, France, the United States, Russia, China, South Korea and Japan are among the priority countries. The main accent is made on attraction of direct foreign investments into non-primary sectors which are oriented to export. At the meeting of the Government, projects were adopted not only for national investment but also for export strategies. According to the head of the department, the national Kazakh Invest company has its branches in each of the key partner countries. In addition, the embassies are also actively involved in attracting foreign investments.


- We divided the priority areas of investment into two groups. The first one includes the key areas that are currently being developed as part of the industrialization program. This includes the chemical industry, petrochemicals, gas industry, engineering, and others. The second group includes the most promising and attractive areas, such as IT, tourism and finance. These directions are just beginning to develop in our country, so we will pay special attention to them.

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