Creative teams of the country’s regions please visitors of the EXPO 2017. Tourists and residents of the city remember the Days of Culture organized by the East Kazakhstan region. Astana hosted a week-long fair of craftsmen, an archaeological exhibition. The final chord became the gala concert by the region’s stars. The artists say it is an honor to perform on stage in front of a diverse audience including foreign guests.



- Every field has its raisin. Our East is famous for Abai, Mukhtar, Shakarim, Altyn Adam and shamans. We are proud of our East and our nature. Our creative people have got adrenaline.


300 singers, actors and musicians of the region’s four theaters, two philharmonics and the College of Arts have come to Astana. People's Artist of Kazakhstan Roza Rymbayeva and popular singer Ali Okapov supported the fellow countrymen.



 - In addition to the exhibition, knowledge and discovery of the new, there is also a creative exchange. So many guests have come and they look at creative groups. It is our huge responsibility to perform on this stage. I'm happy for my fellow countrymen, I'm grateful for the invitation.


This caravan traveled 1,300 kilometers but it seems that it time traveled too.

Among the cit6y skyscrapers, a camp of the ancient settlement or bazaar has appeared in the heart of the Kazakh capital. 25 laden camels and 46 horses have been brought from the Zhambyl region.



 - Today we saw a magnificent caravan. This is a caravan of our antiquities and this is our history. Today it came to Astana with an invaluable cargo. Everyone who sees its values develops a great sense of pride.


300 exhibits represent 2,000 years of history beginning from the Saka period to the formation of the Kazakh Khanate. The exhibits include archeological, numismatic and ethnographic relics and art facilities of contemporary artists. There are the exact copies of the ancient chariot and the helmet of the Saka warrior dating back to the 6th and 5th centuries BC. Artists from Zhambyl also gave a big concert to the guests by proving once again that culture, traditions and creativity have no boundaries.

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