In Atyrau, archaeologists have resumed excavations of the ancient city of Aktobe-Laeti. They discovered the ancient industrial complex with numerous foundries for smelting metal, burning bricks and cookware.



 - It changes our perception of the peoples who lived in the Caspian Sea in the Middle Age. We used to think that the steppe civilization was only nomadic but here we see a city of artisans, masters, with a high development level, who led a sedentary lifestyle.


Billets for coinage are another artifact proving that it was a rich settlement of Golden Horde



 - This indicates that the city had its own mint. Gold, silver and copper coins were minted here. There were jewelers and merchants.


In the 16th century, the city that was put on maps by Italian travelers two centuries before ceased to exist. It is still unknown why people left it.

There are two versions. According to one of them, the city was captured and destroyed during one of the raids of the troops of Khan Timur, also called Lame. According to the second, it was flooded with the waters of the Caspian Sea. Archaeologists will find out the true reason why the settlement disappeared. Excavations on the site of Aktobe-Laeti will now be conducted annually. The settlement has been recently listed in the state list of historical and cultural monuments. Its territory will be fenced. An open-air museum will be created on this site. Atyrau residents and tourists will have the opportunity to learn about the ancient history of the region.

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