Triplets who were named by President N.Nazarabayev are volunteering at EXPO 2017

The triplets who were named by President Nursultan Nazarabayev 19 years ago in honor of the great bis, Tole, Kazybek and Aiteke, are volunteering at EXPO 2017. The brothers flew to Astana from Cuba where they live, to work at the exhibition. During the expo, the volunteers Tole, Kazybek and Aiteke has become one of the most popular volunteers of the expo.



 - We are proud of our names and we are very grateful that the president named us. We want to look like the great three bis, and we try to contribute to events, to help people. Of course, I would like to say a big thanks to our family, especially to mom and dad.


The brothers immediately have gained recognition at the exhibition. They had studied in English for 12 years and easily passed the language tests for volunteers. Wherever they go, they promote their native land.



 - We talk about Kazakhstan everywhere, especially in New York. We open the map to show where Kazakhstan is and we invite people to visit Kazakhstan. In Cuba, everyone knows about us, the Kazakh people, because of the boxing. We also have the famous boxer, Gennady Golovkin. Cubans ask us where we are from. We reply that we are from Kazakhstan. They show us their hands and boxing movements.


This year the triplets applied to universities of Holland and Canada. Tole plans to study international business, Kazybek plans to become a lawyer, and Aiteke will study in Montreal.