Astana EXPO 2017 is of great interest both for tourists and a business community. This opinion is voiced by the deputy of the Bundestag Karin Strenz. The German politician is eagerly waiting for her trip to the Kazakh capital. According to Karin Strenz, the Germans view Astana as a unique site where it is possible not only to show, but also to see the latest developments in alternative energy.



 - In Germany, people were waiting for the expo. We are very interested in how Kazakhstan sees the future in such an important segment as renewable energy. Your country has a huge potential. In turn, Germany can share its technologies. In addition to the deputies of the Bundestag, businessmen will visit  Kazakhstan. I’m aware that businessmen have a great interest in your country. Im convinced that favorable contracts will be concluded and new economic ties will be established.


Kazakhstan is increasingly attracting Russian tourists. First of all, this is because of the opportunity to combine the visit to EXPO 2017 and tourist trips around the country, and also to see the modern capital, Astana. Russians learned about the international exhibition thanks to the promotional campaign which was held long before the expo’s opening. Road Shows to the world's largest cities and documentaries about Kazakhstan have increased the interest of the tourists and given the opportunity to determine the route and program of the trip to Kazakhstan.



- I served in the army at the Kazakh border, in the Astrakhan region and I really liked the people who lived there. I would like to see how they live on the other side. I have long wanted to visit Kazakhstan. Expo is an excellent opportunity to visit this country, to see its people and learn their lifestyle.



- Kazakhstan, in particular, Astana is developing at a fast pace than its neighboring states. I watched videos and movies about your city which is a rapidly developing city. Sometimes I look at skyscrapers and get surprised. I assume that this is some kind of a European city of the future.


Italian tourists believe that EXPO 2017 in Astana is interesting for everyone, especially, the Kazakh pavilion which introduces visitors to the country’s history and traditions. A journalist from Italy, Lorena Di Placido cherishes her memories of the visit to the Kazakh pavilion. She works for the Eurasian Business Dispatch. She ad visited the exhibition and now the journalist advises everyone to visit EXPO 2017 and discover an amazing country in the heart of Eurasia.



- I liked it. Even before the expo’s opening, I read a lot about it and it is very interesting to visit. Milan handed the relay to Astana and the Kazakh capital had two years of preparation. Today I advise everyone to visit the expo, devote a few days to Astana, and do more. The exhibition is an excellent occasion to see this country. Kazakhstan is open to all and very happy to show itself.

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