Kazakhstan can become a leading player in the nuclear fuel market. The president of the Science Council for Global Initiatives Tom Blees voiced this opinion during his visit to EXPO 2017. According to him, Kazakhstan is recognized as the best place to host the IAEA Low Enriched Uranium Bank. The expert believes that thanks to the creation of this center as well as the availability of uranium reserves, the country will have the opportunity to deal not only with storage, but also with its processing, and will later become a leader in the nuclear industry.



 -  We went through the central globe and the country solutions. It seems that there is very little talk about nuclear power and even to the point where we are talking about contribution to different places they talk about somewhere and other from Kazakhstan’s point of view energy and electricity production and fossil fuels are very cheap in Kazakhstan. I would be surprised of there will be much development of wind and solar energy in Kazakhstan it is much more expensive. well, I’m quite biased because I think nuclear power is far better in economic argument and dependability argument.


A well-known expert in the field of ecology and energy efficiency took part in EXPO 2017 as part of the Thematic Week on Atomic Energy. During the event, the organizers demonstrated a documentary film, Pandora’s Box, which featured Tom Blees. The movie explores the causes of numerous misconceptions and myths about peaceful atom as well as tells the story of the development of nuclear energy. Pandora's Box was awarded as the best film on environmental themes as part of the Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival and was selected for the official Sundance Film Festival.

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