Aktobe region’s officials are to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the region. It is planned to open the Zhubanovs art center in Aktobe. The project will be implemented as part of the program on Modernization of Public Consciousness. There is the Zhubanovs memorial museum in Emba. Its fund includes over 3,000 exhibits, personal belongings of artists Akhmet and Gaziza Zhubanovs.



 - One of the most valuable exhibits is Ahmet Zhubanov's concoction and the conductor's baton of the great composer. This exposition has visited Astana and Atyrau. The Zhubanovs family introduced Kazakh classical music to the world.


The creator of the first Kurmangazy Kazakh folk instruments orchestra dreamed of writing an opera in honor of his beloved composer. The eldest daughter fulfilled the dream of the father. Creativity of Gaziza Akhmetovna brought the national culture to the world level. Their descendants, brought up in the best traditions of the musical dynasty of the Zhubanovs, easily conquer world stages.

The famous Zhubanovs dynasty is called a "small academy of sciences". This legendary family brought up many prominent scientists. Kudaibergen's granddaughter Zhubanova Ardak Yessetovna followed the footsteps of her father.  The famous scientist and linguist devoted her life to studying Kazakh philology. She is the head of the university laboratory. Ardak Yessetovna does not lose ties with the birthplace of her ancestors.



 - Modernization of public consciousness program proposed by our president appeared just in time. Our society, as we all admit, needs to develop new consciousness


Experts say that Zhubanovs’ Center of Arts will become a forge of young talents.

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