Visitors of the EXPO 2017 are impressed by the beauty of the capital. They are discovering Kazakhstan with great interest. Visitors of Atyrau were warmluy welcomed at the local Museum of History. Michael Allen from the U.S. is especially interested in the city. A journalist and musician, professional banjo-player, tries to discover ethnic music in every country he travels to. He’s confident that music helps understand people’s thinking and culture. Kazakhstan isn’t an exception. Michael says, he is impressed by the expo.



 - I visited Atyrau on July 4th, a date is an American public holiday. I saw American and Kazakh musicians perform. The performance was impressive. For the first time, I saw and listened to the sounds of kobyz and dombra. I'm very interested in this and I'd like to learn more. I know that there are so many good dombra performers in the Atyrau region.


Rob Wan Zwaytern from the Netherlands  has a different interest in Atyrau. Rob is exploring the nature.



 - Quite few see it in reality. What it actually means, particularly, is wildlife, the birds, the animals there. If you see what is actually there in wild is quite different than in the museum.


The expo also helped the Russian traveler, Aleksey Plastinkin, to look at Kazakhstan from different perspective.



 - Im fascinated by the rich history of your country. I’ve seen quite a few ones. I would like to come back here again to visit Turkistan.


After seeing the historical museum of local lore, the guests will visit the Ak Zhaik nature reserve on the coast of the Caspian Sea and visit the excavations of the Saraishyk ancient settlement. The travelers are welcomed by one of the main tourist sites of the Kyzylorda region, ethno village, which is located next to the Korkyt ata memorial complex. Over the past two weeks, more than a thousand three hundred visitors from a dozen different countries have visited the site. A Dutch group headed by astronaut Andre Kuipers, visited the museum as well. Honored guests were greeted with folk music. Young performers of zhyrau gave visitors a fascinating performance on the Kazakh dombra.



 - I’m very pleased to be working in Kazakhstan. I have been here several times for space flight, full two times to space and several hundred times as well. It is also nice to see other parts of Kazakhstan and culture. This is very nice and very different. So this is great place for me to know the Kazakh life and history. So it is very nice place to see all here, all the yurts here.

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