An important point on the tourist map of Kazakhstan is the Nauryzym State Nature Reserve which awaits the visitors of EXPO 2017. The unique natural reserve listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site has attracted Thorsten Prell from the German Union for Nature Conservation. He has been watching and studying wild birds for several decades. This is his third time visiting the Nauryzym.



 - Tourists who love nature will hardly be bothered by the absence of some typical details. This is perfectly normal and doesnt make a great deal for a real researcher.

Thorsten's photographs decorate the reserve’s information center. His colleague Kanat proudly demonstrates his dioramas!



 - Our first diorama hall is the forest of our reserve. The relict pines, the roe deer and different kinds of birds are the inhabitants of our forest. The most interesting in our reserve is our unique lakes that host over millions of birds.

Tourists can order a yurt and stay in the reserve zone. This house was built to serve the researchers four years ago. The house receives energy from solar panels. The reserve's employees are sure that the expo is a chance to showcase the treasures  of the native steppes, forests and lakes and draw attention to the issues of wildlife conservation.

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