A group of tourists from the Netherlands flew from Amsterdam to Astana to visit the EXPO 2017. Dutch guests are planning to visit the international exhibition and o travel to other cities of Kazakhstan. The Dutch cosmonaut, Andre Kuipers, is one of those who want to learn more about Kazakhstan.  



 -  Expo was of course very interesting and I think a lot of people should go there and on top of that you are in a beautiful place, so everybody should be welcomed there. I’ve been in Baikonur ten times over the years and also in Astana but I didn’t see much of the rest of the country because I was preparing for space flight. So, I’m looking forward to see things, beautiful things in the country and the country itself, the countryside. I did a lot by plane and I would love to do a lot by car. So, the culture is interesting and the buildings. So I look forward to it. Baikonur is of course a very historical place, very important place.



 -  Because it is interesting to go to the expo and especially because energy of the future new forms of energy I think it is important for our future. In Holland we so a lot of research to new energy and well, maybe I can learn something. 

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