A scientific conference was held in the Library of the First President of Kazakhstan. The participants discussed the achievements of Kazakhstan’s diplomacy over the past 25 years. The conference brought together members of the diplomatic corps, political scientists and experts. As analysts noted, Kazakhstan has built a successful multi-vector policy over the years of independence. Thanks to the efforts of the head of state, the republic has put forward a number of important initiatives welcomed by international organizations. The participants noted the merits of successful dialogue platforms for strengthening regional and global security such as the CICA, the SCO and other structures. According to experts, they have become effective instruments of interstate dialogue. "Peacemaker: Syrian Knot", the book by famous Kazakh diplomat Nurlan Onzhanov was presented in the conference. It is devoted to the activities of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev aimed at assisting in the settlement of the Syrian crisis and other conflicts.



 - The President’s efforts in settling Iran’s nuclear problem, peace talks in Ukraine, reconciliation between Russia and Turkey, rapprochement of the Islamic world, hosting inter-Syrian dialogue largely contributed to the historic victory of Kazakhstan in the elections to non-permanent members of the UN Security Council. The course on peacekeeping was also set in the antiwar manifesto of the Head of State "Peace. 21st century".

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