Kazakhstan is becoming more recognizable in the world. The World Bank headquarters in Washington hosted a series of events dedicated to the EXPO 2017. Thousands of employees watched the presentation of Astana, attended the Eurasian festival and the Day of National Cuisine. Gulnara Febres, native of Kazakhstan, who has worked in the World Bank for 22 years was the organizer of the large-scale project. She gathered a team of fellow enthusiasts and in order to represent their homeland with dignity they had prepared for several months. They had prepared   the Kazakh dance, Akku, performed in national costumes. Diaz Musalimov from Semei who studies in New York won the audience’s applause, too. He performed his song "I'm from Kazakhstan". After the presentation of Kazakhstan, people become even more interested in visiting the EXPO2017.



- Representatives of 189 different nationalities work in the World Bank. I’ve been working in the bank for 22 years. However, I have never seen people with so much interest and so excited about our national cuisine. We showed a documentary film about the Aral Sea, projects that were implemented in Kazakhstan and thanks to which the Aral Sea is reviving. This left a huge imprint about Kazakhstan in the minds of our employees. The World Bank employs about 10, 000 people. Spectators were delighted with what we showed.


Turkey hosted the Days of Kazakhstan dedicated to the 25th anniversary of cooperation. Kazakh artists came to Ankara with a grand concert. The artists performed Kazakh kuis, modern compositions as well as motifs of Turkish songs and melodies on the stage. Domestic masters of applied art presented their works. The works of Kazakh poets which are translated into Turkish were presented at the opening of the House of Kazakhstan’s Culture.



The concert dedicated to Days of Kazakhstan’s Culture in Turkey was held at the highest level. I was very impressed by the performances of artists and the beauty of national costumes. Indeed, we have common roots and we dont forget about it. Let the relations between our countries only be promoted.

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