More and more foreign tourists are visiting the capital of Kazakhstan that is hosting the EXPO 2017. Paris residents are heading to Astana as well. Famous French TV reporter and journalist Catherine Verge has been planning to visit Kazakhstan for several years. She heard a lot about Kazakhstan from her friends and had bought the tickets long before the exhibition started. As Catherine says, she is not only interested in ‘Future Energy’ but also in the country itself.



 - It’s my first visit to Central Asia with its New Silk Road and large amounts of resources. I saw the opening ceremony on the television. It was impressive! Astana now has a new symbol, and it is good. I will definitely visit Kazakhstan’s pavilion, as well as Chinese, Indian and European states’ pavilions. I am planning to visit Almaty and Shymkent. I will travel across Kazakhstan with my friends who will help me to discover Kazakh culture, Kazakh language and traditions.



- Such exhibitions give an opportunity to construct big architectural monuments, as our Eiffel Tower. The symbol of Paris built for EXPO 1889 became an important prerequisite for development of architecture and culture of our country. I think that Nur Alem will also become an important symbol of Astana because we live in the era of development of renewable energy and new technologies.


Belarus citizens are also planning to visit EXPO 2017. According to preliminary forecasts, at least 3,000 Belarusians will visit the exhibition. Many of them are planning to visit expo and travel across Kazakhstan in order to see the nature and attractions. The largest amount of tourists from Belarus will come on the national day scheduled for August 13.



 - I am an interior designer. Since all new technologies are designed to make people’s lives better, I am eager to see something new, also in order to understand where our global system is moving to. Celebrities will be there. I also want to visit because I like Kazakhstan!

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