Not only Kazakhstan, but also the entire world community will feel the positive effect of the Astana EXPO 2017. The Nazarbayev Center hosted a meeting where Nobel Prize Winners have shared this opinion with young Kazakh scientists. The discussion was devoted to discoveries and new technologies in the field of renewables. The scientists talked about the use of synthetic fuel, long-term scenarios of the world's energy potential, and also assessed the development of green technologies in Kazakhstan. According to experts, today the country takes concrete steps in the green energy.



 - Well, I think expo 2017 is a remarkable event. Because it is focusing on future energy and I think the whole world now has to wake up to defining new part for energy. We have to move away from fossil fuels and we have to use renewable sources of energy. And I would like to salute President Nazarbayev for having the vision to look at renewables and make sure that Kazakhstan moves to clean energy future. I think this is a very exciting moment and I think this expo will have a major part for the rest of the world.


Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Rae Kwon Chung, from South Korea says the expo is a storehouse of useful information. According to him, the inventions and solutions that are presented at the exhibition will serve as a source of new knowledge about the development of energy. The scientist highlighted that the exposition collected a lot of unique exhibits. In particular, he emphasized the wind generators of the Kazakh pavilion.



 - It is very educational so I think many people can learn, especially, the people in Kazakhstan. It will be very important because people have to understand the issue of energy is going to the future for low-carbon economy and energy in the future. this is about future energy and Kazakhstan is very rich with carbon, oil and gas which is carbon energy but future energy will be different from carbon energy.

Аlso Kazakhstan is leading the tradition towards to carbon energy economy future because it is a big challenge for the whole world. Kazakhstan is exercising leadership for transformation for low carbon future. This is very impressive. 

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