Foreign guests who have come to the international exhibition are welcomed to visit the Aral Sea. One of the region’s main tourist sites is the Korkyt Ata memorial complex. An unusual ethnovillage has been built here to attract the tourists.

The main attribute of the stylized facilities is yurts. The travelers not only can relax, but also can taste dishes of national cuisine in the yurts. They have an opportunity to delve into the ancient culture, the guests can visit exhibitions of jewelry and art works, can see the unique oeuvres of artisans and masters of carpet weaving. Ethnovillage is a place where guests can learn the customs, rites and traditions of the Kazakh people. For example, the village hosted the national sports competitions like kyz kuu, tenge ilu, throwing asyk and tug of war. The local wrestlers showed their skills, too.



-Today we are talking about modernization of public consciousness which is primarily about national code preservation and support for the national art. We have the opportunity to showcase the expo guests the diversity and richness of our culture, how strong our traditions and faith are which lift our spirits and promote love for the motherland.


Moreover, the program includes Kazakh folk music. The visitors have the opportunity to listen to the best zhyrau performers of zhyrau and terme who will play on the kobyz and on other ancient musical instruments of the nomads.

The region has many other unique cultural monuments like the Korkyt Ata complex. A whole tourist cluster is planned to form around the ancient cities of the Aral Sea, the Baikonur cosmodrome and special natural areas, which will certainly raise great interest from domestic and foreign tourists.

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