A dictionary of Kazakh realities for foreign tourists has been presented at the Eurasian National University. The work of domestic scientists and foreign consultants has been published in the Kazakh, Russian, English, German and French languages. The dictionary includes a number of illustrations, an international transcription and a detailed interpretation of every word. The authors highlight that the primary goal of the lexicographic source is to convey the unique features of the Kazakh lifestyle, traditions and art, simultaneously in different languages.



- Of course, we have timed the issuance of this book to the expo’s opening. One of the big applied goals is to show the features of the Kazakh culture to the foreign guests. I think they won’t neglect this book since it is well illustrated and looks like a gift. In the future, this book has the extension so we plan to continue working and, of course, the book will be reissued.


Moreover, according to the authors, the dictionary will be useful as a textbook for schools and universities as a source for translations.

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