Volunteers are welcoming the expo’s guests. The volunteers guide visitors how to find the pavilion of interest and to give information about the rich cultural program. All of the volunteers are fluent in three languages, in Kazakh, Russian and English. 4,500 volunteering people have come to Astana from all parts of the country. Dauren from the Karaganda region is one of the volunteers who have passed all the required training and preparation.



- Everyone envies me, I'm lucky to be here. I’ve already taken photos and added them on Instagram and people text “good, you are already in the expo”.


Besides Kazakhs, people from Canada, Uzbekistan, Spain, France, the USA and Afghanistan have volunteered to help the guests. Every month more than 50 volunteers from 40 different countries will come to Astana. Oleg Kenitskiy, an Italian with Ukrainian roots, has long planned to work as a volunteer in Kazakhstan. He is now learning Russian.



- I’ve really liked the city. We walked around the city 2 days ago. Everything is very beautiful and modern. Contemporary buildings are rarely found in Rome.


Batima Kusainova is a 63-year-old volunteer. She admits she wanted to be part of the important international event.



- How someone can stay at home when the event of this scale is taking place in Astana. Someone should be so indifferent to sit at home and to watch from the side. No, I want to be useful for my homeland. These are not emotional words, this is my motto. I want to be inside the events.


The organizers have covered the food, mobile service and travel expenses of the volunteers. They get to attend city tours and excursions in their spare time. The volunteers are divided according to their functional roles; everyone is responsible for the given areas like public healthcare, security, ticketing and regulation of the flow of guests. The common thing that unites every volunteer is desire to hold the expo to the highest level because an impression on the country depends on their work.

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