The international specialized exhibition in Astana is in the focus of the international mass media. American Forbes magazine published an article ‘With World Expo 2017, Kazakhstan Takes another Step onto the Global Stage’. The article says that the expo will become a turning point in Kazakhstan’s history and will let the country develop the renewables.

The Indonesian publication Jakarta Post wrote about the role of EXPO 2017 in the development of renewable energy sources in the global scale. The article says the expo technologies showcased in the expo can be applied in different countries.

The author of the Turkish TRT Haber was impressed by the opening ceremony. He described the exhibition as the most grandiose and fascinating.

The Italian newspaper Affari Italiani’s article says that Kazakhstan is rich for traditional sources of energy, however, the country is aimed at developing the renewables.

The author of the article in the Belgian newspaper Brussels Express notes that the year of 2017 will definitely leave a mark in Kazakhstan’s history. Kazakhstan became a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council in January and now Astana is hosting the EXPO 2017. This may significantly contribute to Kazakhstan’s inclusion in the world’s top 30 developed states.

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