Astana is fascinating expo visitors with its beauty. The modern capital turned into the blooming garden. This is the result of local florists’ hard work. For instance, this ‘flower palette’ from the local landscaping company will decorate one of the streets in the capital city.



 - There were 18 floral sculptures last year. This year, we created 30. Plants require constant irrigation and spudding; winds are dry here, they make the soil dry, and therefore the soil needs irrigation twice a day: in the morning and late evening so the plants could absorb the moisture evenly.


Nearly seven million various flowers were planted in the city’s garden beds. 3,000 flower pots were installed along the roads. Local florists planted various types of flowers with the regular petunia and cineraria.



 - We planted perennial flowers and roses in the last 2-3 years. Annual plants grow once a year, perennial plants last longer. We cultivate them and adapt them to Astana’s harsh climate.


Locals and foreign visitors are now enjoying the beauty of urban flowers.


Blitz survey:

 - Astana has become so beautiful and green, I love flowers.

 - I came from China. I like it here; it is a very beautiful city. I love Kazakhstan.

 - I arrived with my family. The city is very beautiful. We were here in 2006. The city has changed in 11 years.


Astana has unusual buildings and floral sculptures. The city’s blooming gardens lure us away from homes.

Local florists and landscapers say they put their hearts into every flower. They say the flowers will bloom for the entire expo season, even until the first snow.

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