Magnificent Astana amazes everyone. Anik Pelchat, who lives in Canada, is delighted with the city tour. She dreams of returning to the Kazakh capital which has surprised her once.



- Astana is an impressive, modern and dynamically developing city. It is nice and very clean city. Now I'm here alone, but now I want to come with my husband so that he can see the beauty of Astana with his own eyes.


Both foreign tourists and residents of other cities hurry to ride through the capital in a two-story excursion bus of stunning views.



- Right now, a large number of tourists from Poland are coming to Central Asia and to Astana for the first time. Of course, local tourists are interested in Baiterek and the Duman oceanarium. The museums are more interesting for foreign tourists since they ask a lot how they can get to the Kurgaldzhinsky reserve and how to get to the Alzhir museum.


Guests, who admire the beauty of Kazakhstan’s capital, are thankful for the comfort, too. The capital streets are decorated not with only unusual floral arrangements, but also with tourist pointers. Local taxi drivers went through the special language courses. At the same time, the local taxi drivers will be able to understand not only an English speaking client because the new cars have a function of simultaneous translation. In addition, for convenience purposes, all the services of the city’s taxi operate under a single brand and under the same phone number.



 - The services include all of the official carriers. This is done to ensure that the cars will reach their customers at least in 5-7 minutes.


The organizers tried to provide every detail to ensure that millions of visitors from all over the world and the Kazakh people can remember Astana EXPO 2017 as the event of highest level which will leave only favorable emotions.

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