Members of the historical expedition tried to spot the differences and similarities between the Kazakhs and the Nogais in Dagestan. More than 20 Nogais live in Terekli-Mekteb village. Back in the 16th century, Nogais grazed the cattle and led a nomadic life together with Kazakhs and Karakalpaks. Culture and language of our nations still remain similar no matter how many centuries past.

Dombyra is their national musical instrument too. This one was made by our countryman Akhmetbek Saniyaz. He has been living in Terekli-Mekteb for three years. He was invited as a craftsman because there is no one who can make dombyra in the village.



 - There is one craftsman in Astrakhan who makes dombyras. The Nogais either order from him or in Kazakhstan. Prices in Kazakhstan are too high for them. Therefore, I came here and trained a number of artisans.


Kazakh and Nogai literature have much in common. They have the same legends and heroes such as Koblandy, Yedyge, Kozy Korpesh and Bayan Sulu.



 - Our nations have lived on the same territory, Desht-i Qipchaq, for five centuries. Therefore, our culture and histories are similar.


Members of the historical expedition took samples of local residents’ DNA. This genetic analysis will help to prove that Nogais and Kazakhs are in fact brother nations



 - DNA test doesn’t just identify genetic links but also the date. Genetic analysis also lets to see genetic clusters. It is possible to see what gene clusters the Nogai people are from, how close they are to other Turkic nations.


The expedition members also conducted a genetic examination among the Kumyks, Karachais and Balkars. All of them lived in Desht-i-Kipchak. Perhaps, the genetic test results will reveal new facts of our ancestors’ history.

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