The Ulytau district of the Karaganda region has become cultural and geographical belt of Kazakhstan’s spiritual sanctities. The province is the home for more than seven hundred historical monuments that are under the state’s protection. Thus, more than 20 million tenge was allocated from the state’s budget for the revival of the Duzen-batyr’s  mausoleum which is a vivid example of the mid 19th century's architecture. Meanwhile, the ancient metallurgical settlement of Taldysai had been studied by local and foreign archeometallurgists for ten years. Scientists suggest that the famous Sary su or "copper" path originates from this place. It is planned to create an archaeological open-air museum. Experts claim that this will preserve national treasure and attract tourists.



- This is a way to tourism. For example, it is possible to show how copper is produced. I, myself, foresee this type of town. I have repeatedly participated in this expedition. I know what had happened here. We have to show this our descendants. We have published two books on this subject, one is academic and the second is a photo album in Kazakh, Russian and English.


Historians say that the nation’s spiritual resurrection has to start from Ulytau. This is a culture center of nomadic steppe civilization. The mausoleums of founders of the Turkic tribes, particularly, Zhoshi and Alash Khans, were established there. The historical place, Khan Ordasi, is of special interest because it was parlay of the Kazakh rulers of the 14-19th centuries. Thousands of yurts filled the plain during the kurultais of three zhuzes. Ulytau is Mecca for all amateurs and connoisseurs of the Turkic culture.



 - The President has told about the implementation of the Sacral Geography of Kazakhstan project. The Bow to the Glory (Ұлылыққа тағзым) expedition operates which consists of employees from various museums of the country. They are exploring the country’s entire regions and are working to create a cultural and geographical belt of Kazakhstan’s holy sites.


The Zhezkazgan Museum of History and Archaeology and the Ulytau Museum-Reserve signed a memorandum of cooperation. Local historians will conduct joint scientific research, as well as works on the improvement of historical complexes. The Heritage of Ulytau guidebook designed for tourists has been created which is a collection of photo-text materials of monuments and architecture as well as natural beauties of the Ulytau district.

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